After a Great Risk, a Cigar is a Great Reward

Risk and volatility in the stock market is an unavoidable aspect of the business.  Buy low and sell high has been the motto from the beginning.  When you take a risk and it pays off handsomely, you feel like celebrating.  Not only have you dodged a bullet, you’ve make a nice profit for yourself.  When you feel like celebrating a win, sometimes, you just want to relax, and take a puff from a quality cigar, like those you can get from JR Cigars online with a Groupon coupon.  You would be in good company if you did so.  Throughout history, there have been famous men we associate with smoking cigars – and they knew what it meant to celebrate a good time.

When it comes to the cigar chomping man’s man, they didn’t come better than Earnest Hemingway.  Papa Hemingway, as he was affectionately known, loved a good smoke, and so did many of the memorable characters in his novels.  He was such a beloved figure, he even has a cigar named for him.

Then there is the man who was such an imposing figure in Great Britain and the world, he’s is regarded as one of the giants of the last century.  Not only was Winston Churchill an avid smoker, the statesman, soldier, and historian was known for his outsized habit of chain smoking cigars.  What is not as well known about him is how much he loved painting.A large cigar today is called a Churchill.

In the world of sports, basketball superstar and legend, Michael Jordan turned heads and left more than a few jaws dropped when it was reported that he smokes up to six cigars a day recently.  Although he was born in New York, Jordan grew up and went to college in North Carolina. It’s certain Jordan grew up around the tobacco fields the state is famous for.  Now, he relaxes by smoking his favorite stogies.

Cigars have long been associated with champions and winning.  When you’ve got something to celebrate, do it in style, with the best smokes from JR Cigars.